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Children Reading the Holy Bible
Children Reading the Holy Bible

Biblical Worldview

Most Christian educators agree that the Bible should be central to Christian education. However, Christian educators often struggle to show students how the Bible is relevant to the subjects they teach. As a result, many decide to push the Bible to the margin of the educational experience.

At Sonshine Christian Academy, we define biblical integration as Christian worldview shaping. The Christian worldview is best expressed in the biblical story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption. Taking these three events as the lenses through which to look at education, we see that faith and learning are bound together and that the Christian faith must govern the educational experience.

In the Classroom

Academic Rigor

We offer an educational experience that engages students in content appropriate to their academic level and helps them learn to analyze, evaluate, and ultimately create. Every class students take should challenge them to learn and to connect what they are learning with other subject material.


English and math classes, for example, should not be viewed as entirely unrelated. Students should understand how concepts they learn in one subject are related to concepts learned in another subject. Student materials contain descriptive text and questions that promote thinking. Photos, illustrations, maps, charts, and other media are employed to promote deeper understanding of subject matter.


The key is to remember that your students should be thinking and be actively engaged with the material—not passive. Lessons should be interesting yet challenging students to think at their level, but with just enough challenge to push them out of their comfort zone. Group projects, hands-on learning activities, and creative problem-solving are all great ways to promote this deeper thinking and learning.

In the Classroom
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Critical Thinking

A complete education goes beyond facts and processes, so our textbooks direct students to think for themselves. They are encouraged to use discernment and to consider their worldview in everyday situations. Our textbooks help students to develop skills in critical thinking with inductive teaching, hands-on-learning, and probing questions.

In the Classroom

Technology Solutions

We have partnered with iLumenEd Academy and  BJU Press to offer a hybrid experience including both live classroom (synchronous) lessons along with in-person instruction by our highly qualified teachers. 

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